Reasons To Rent From Los Angeles Limo!

For those uncomfortable with using services such as Uber and Lyft, think about hiring one of our limos and sharing the ride with your 8 – 10 closest peers. Renting a limo does not always have to be expensive. provides Cheap Limos in Los Angeles for just such a purpose.

Think of the relief of having your morning coffee and a Danish or drinking a glass of wine on the way home without the headaches of driving in our infamous traffic jams.  Give us a call and find out which car is best suited to your needs for getting to work and home.

limo-service-los-angelesIf your main concern is to hire a ride that is safe and comfortable and the need to look glamorous is not part of the equation, ask about our Cadillac Escalade Limousine, Lincoln Town Car sedan or the BMW 7 Series as potential options at lower rates.

If you are in the upper management divisions, you might prefer our Maybach 62S sedan or even our Rolls Royce Limo.  This car offers the comfort of reclining back seats, allowing you to take a quick nap or meditate en route to your destination.

For executives seeking to share a limo on a daily basis, our Rolls Royce fleet will carry you in style and comfort.

Who Doesn’t Love Surprises?

We understand the troubles of searching the internet to find a trusted limousine rental in Los Angeles. If you are the CEO and want to surprise one of your employees with a limo pick-up, we’re at your disposal. We have many corporate clients that take advantages of the services we provide here at LA Limousine.

Recently, a young women received a promotion to Corporate Vice President and one of our repeat clients hired us to pick her up at her home on the day they were announcing her promotion – unknown to her.

What was intended as a surprise turned into a small fiasco!

When our car arrived, the about-to-be C-suite exec had left early to meet with a friend for breakfast at a local café. Fortunately, her husband knew which café and called her asking her to wait for him because he had forgotten to give her something that morning.

We dropped the husband off a block away and he sent us a text to let us know he was there and we could shanghai the unsuspecting VIP.

It all turned out for the best (in spite of the fact that her chauffeur was forced to sound like an idiot about why he was picking her up!) and we provided her with her second breakfast of the day as we drove her to the office.

It all boils down to this: Any time your company needs to surprise an employee with a limousine, send us a text, email or get on the phone and just call us at 310-775-3647